The Latest GPS Business Apps



The GPS business apps are numerous and varied. The tracking applications are among the best known, but there are other ways that businesses are using the technology. You can learn about some of them here.


Handheld trackers are being used in homes and healthcare facilities to increase safety for the elderly. Some of the trackers are equipped with features like emergency buttons that allow the elderly person to send a signal to a monitoring station or open a two way call.

This system is an improvement over the older technology, which allowed a person to call during an emergency but if the person became incapacitated, the monitoring station might not be able to locate the person.

Another advantage is in the care of Alzheimer patients who sometimes wander away from home and become lost. If the patient leaves the home or the facility, the devices can easily be located using software like Google Earth.

The devices can be worn on the wrist or the ankle and affixed in a way that makes it impossible for the patient to remove them without the key. best geofencing apps The trackers are lightweight and comfortable to wear, so they are well tolerated by the patients.

The same kind of system is being used to enhance the safety and security of college students, young children and pets.


Geo-fencing is one of the GPS business apps with a wide range of uses. A geo-fence can be thought of as a virtual fence. There are places that cannot be secured through the use of traditional fencing.

Like other tracking applications, some equipment and software is required. But the cost of use is outweighed by reduced loss.

A geo-fence can be put in place around a construction site. The vehicles being used on the site and even the employee badges can be tagged. If the vehicle or the employee passes through the geo-fence, a signal can be sent to the manager’s monitoring device, which can be a smart-phone. That is just one example of how geo-fencing tracking applications can be used.


GPS business apps are currently being used to attract more tourists to a variety of locations. In this case, the tracking applications are often included in handheld devices that the tourists carry along as they are walking, driving or riding on a bus. When the device approaches the coordinates for a location of interest, it may display information on the screen or play recording messages that the tourist listens to using headphones.

Those are just a few of the latest GPS business apps. All it takes is a little imagination and a software designer to come up with customized solutions for any business.

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