Sing Me A Love Song On This Valentine’s Day


What makes an extraordinary love tune? Truly, a lyricist didn’t make an incredible love tune, a vocalist didn’t sing an extraordinary love melody, however the ones who hear it out make it extraordinary, particularly when two twine together as one – a sentiment. We, along these lines, are the ones who pick it one in “Top 10 love melodies” or “Best love tunes ever.”

Indeed, even my ex and I used to have that as our tune – “Darling, I don’t need to cherish” by Bright Eyes. It appeared to be silly since its tune title, verses, and even tune are self-contradicting and despairing. We didn’t comprehend why we were tuning in to this tune again and again, perhaps on the grounds that we both thought that it was a surprising mood around then. Notwithstanding, love don’t live here any longer. Presently I need to overlook the pitiful tune, get myself another crush who sings me another “our tune.”

Ok, Valentine’s Day! Each February 14, and  NaijaVibe, Download Rema songs during the weeks prompting this day, couples send delightful roses, important cards, and sweet chocolates to their sweethearts and investigate their sentimental sides. What’s more, an ideal marvelous night with peaceful tunes is the standard. In this way, sing me an adoration tune and be my Valentine! When your darling comes to express this to you, what tune will you pick? There’s no preferred time over Valentine’s Day to turn our melodic decisions enthusiastic.

As of late, I’ve heard some great love tracks. In this way, narrowing down my rundown to only 10 “best of” tunes took a great deal of thought. On the off chance that you don’t discover your top choices here, send me an email at Presently, chill and sit for a little while with me, and read some energizing stuffs about my picks of 10 sentimental tunes for Valentine’s Day:

1) You And Me (Lifehouse)

It makes my heart liquefy. There is a feeling of serenity each time I hear this melody. Such a pleasant and talented voice! All things considered this is a genuine pearl.

2) The Other Side of the World (KT Tunstall)

This pleasant radiopop is all around made and exceptional. What I mean is that I continue recollecting this melody since I like the manner in which she sings and expresses. A shining new vocalist lyricist.

3) The Scientist (Coldplay)

The tune is wonderfully created and the natural enthusiasm in Martin’s voice is practically lamentable. The best love melody yet! A fantastically moving melody!

4) You’re Beautiful (James Blunt)

Simply excellent tune! This piece implies such a great amount to me and in spite of the fact that I’ve heard it ordinarily I despite everything appreciate listening even at this point. A remarkable voice that truly sticks out.

5) Smooth (Santana including Rob Thomas)

This has a decent Santana feel. This smooth tune rocks. This amazing Latin tune is simply erotic and furthermore incredible to hit the dance floor with.

6) Wherever You Will Go (The Calling)

In the event that I could make you mine, I’ll go any place you will go. Approval for the tune.

7) If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind (Agnetha Faltskog)

“Also, in the winter day off, tunes would keep you from the virus.” The verses are soooooooo decent as is the voice of ABBA. It’s absolutely charming to hear her perfectly clear unadulterated sound by and by.

8) Crazy In Love (Eminem)

Love the title and love the tune! What’s more, gracious, the verses! Thin Shady at long last made a non-exemplary rap. It seems like a sonnet “You are the importance of my reality, “You’re basic to me, You’re the air I inhale, I accept on the off chance that you ever leave me, I’d most likely have no motivation to be.”

9) The Look Of Love (Diana Krall)

The vibe of affection sees the undetectable in the noticeable and the sound of adoration is smooth. A dazzling affection tune. A snuggle by the fireside with the one you love.

10) When You Tell Me That You Love Me (Westlife including Diana Ross)

Westlife has returned to raise you up with another front of a popular tune. In addition, this melody is a pleasant rebound to the pop anthems that made them notable. Simply tell your nectar that you venerate her or him with this adorable tune.



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