Why Resting When on a Long trip is Important



While resting is important, most people assume that they do not need to rest when driving. That is a mistake! When making a long trip, you should stop for a rest as driving involves your muscles and mind.

It is a rule to take a break of not less than 15 minutes after driving for two hours. Also, you should not drive for more than eight hours per day. In this post, we are going to look at the main reasons why it is crucial to stop for a rest when you are making a long trip. Let’s get started;

Reasons Why You Should Stop For a Rest

  1. To Stay Focused

Driving is a mental exercise like any other. In actuality, driving requires much of your concentration than most workouts. While driving, you need to be focused. Focusing on the same thing for hours can be difficult. You will find your mind drifting to thinking other irrelevant things other than driving. It is therefore advisable to have a moment of rest after driving for long to refresh your attention for the net driving period.

  1. Prevents Muscle Fatigue

Driving for long may result in muscle fatigue of the musculoskeletal system, which may lead to disorder in the system. Also, muscle fatigue can lead to the numbness that may lead to accidents. Taking short rest breaks will help you avoid such unpleasant incidents.

  1. Allows Time for Recovery

While working, your muscles use the energy they store in the form of glycogen. Rest gives your body a chance to replenish. Also, muscle tissues wears-off as you drive. Rest allows fibroblasts cells, body cells that help repair tissues, to repair muscle tissues.


While travelling is one of the best ways to refresh, driving for long without rest is highly discouraged. I suggest you take at least twenty minutes to refresh your mind and muscles after every two hours of drive. I also suggest you check on The Right News Network for latest and educative articles.

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